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Hi! If you are on this site you must be searching for ideas on web site solutions. You might be in the right place.

Bryan M. Howell is a Phoenix, AZ based web solutions expert specializing in designing, building and strategizing Internet presence for small to mid-sized businesses. My talented team and I design affordably with return on investment and your needs as our main focus.

Here are SOME of the things our eBusiness consultation staff can and will do for you and your business.

"Yeah, that's great Bryan, but who are you?"

This is a fair question. I grew up in Western Kentucky. Way back in 1997, I earned a Bachelor's in Psychology from Murray State University [Go Racers!]. That same year I built my first web site and it was AWFUL! Later that year I also married Carrie, who happens to be the person that taught me how to build a web page. 1997 was a busy year ... but they are all busy in their own ways. Carrie has a degree in Computer Science from Murray State University.

I worked at in Houston, TX. I was a technical recruiter and built the second version of the company web site. It too was awful, but vastly improved over my first site. In the year 2000 we moved to Phoenix. I worked for Health4her, Avnet, Banner Health System and Prudential Financial before I decided it was time to become an independent contractor. To enhance my ability to understand business as it applies to technology, I earned my Master of Business Administration in 2005. In my spare time I managed to get some certifications too. I hold the MCAD.NET from Microsoft and several other technical certifications. Then in 2006 we moved to Denver, CO and I consulted with the State of Colorado for four years on their both their main web site and the specific agency sites. During that four year stint, we moved to Tennessee. In December 2010, we moved back to Arizona. I now work as a consultant for Randstad Technologies and I am an adjunct faculty member at University of Phoenix.

If you have read this far, you are either interested or you are bored. Either way, I appreciate your attention. Ultimately I want you to know that I care about what I do. I learn something every day. I do not have all the answers. I am not perfect. I am not the greatest designer in the world. What I provide are cost effective solutions with both the end-user and the business owner in mind. My specialties are search engine optimization (at no extra charge), cross-browser compliance, usability, consistency and simplicity.