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I'm Bryan. Among other things, I am a web designer. I am not particularly interesting ... but I suppose I have done some interesting things. :-)

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Here is a small sampling of my work. I've been building web sites since 1998. I have worked in many industries and in many development environments.

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Use the contact form to send me a message. If your message needs reply, I will reply promptly. Or spam it with your spam bot. :-)

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User Centered Design. It starts and ends with the user.

Technology is awesome. That said, the project is only a success if it meets the user's needs.

user centered design

Clean & Simple UI. Don't get too fancy.

Technology that slows down load times or prohibits some users from completing their task can make good ideas look really bad. [ Nothing is working on "loading" ... but I made you look :-) ]


I don't know everything ... about UX / UI design.

When hired, I strive to add value to every project. I can fill many roles on a team or be an end-to-end web development provider for small businesses.

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